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Midjourney AI image prompt, generate a photographic image

Read the steps you can undertake with ease. Generating a photographic image “with AI is not done through ChatGPT, but through the webapp Midjourney, as an image generator app within

Installation and Instructions for making an AI image using Midjourney:

Creating a photo with ChatGPT like AI, does involve extra steps….

  • Go to: Create free account.
  • Go to “Go to discord.” Go to any usergroup “Newbies XXX”.
  • Look at the command line in the stream of images created with AI. In that line, click on the Plus (+) and from menu that comes up choose “Use Apps,” you will see a list of types of commands or prompts that start with a slash / . From there, choose “Imagine,” for that type of Midjourney prompt.
  • Now a blue-bordered input field appears in the bottom bar. Where very little text seems to fit. Which it doesn’t, but possibly short AI commands work better. In that little blue box, paste the command in text. Like this simple one: 13 year old girl from finland amid polar bears, ice landscape, nature photography style.

Photo too heavy (MB) for website placement?

Then reduce the output photo small via the tool (Free interface). Choose mode Expert. Set image png and jpeg output to e.g. 8% quality. Reduce Midjourney image to about 100-150kb.

Do you want to put text on an AI image?

Use a tool like to combine your own corporate identity elements or text with an AI image.

Advanced ChatGPT prompt for generating a detailed Midjourney prompt

Use this prompt for detailed image from Midjourney. Remember to modify [PROMPT], [LANGUAGE], if asked.

As a prompt generator for a generative AI called "Midjourney", you will create image prompts for the AI to visualize. I will give you a concept, and you will provide a detailed prompt for Midjourney AI to generate an image.

Please adhere to the structure and formatting below, and follow these guidelines:

- Do not use the words "description" or ":" in any form.
- Do not place a comma between [ar] and [v].
- Write each prompt in one line without using return.

[2] = a detailed description of [1] with specific imagery details.
[3] = a detailed description of the scene's environment.
[4] = a detailed description of the scene's mood, feelings, and atmosphere.
[5] = A style (e.g. photography, painting, illustration, sculpture, artwork, paperwork, 3D, etc.) for [1].
[6] = A description of how [5] will be executed (e.g. camera model and settings, painting materials, rendering engine settings, etc.)
[ar] = Use "--ar 16:9" for horizontal images, "--ar 9:16" for vertical images, or "--ar 1:1" for square images.
[v] = Use "--niji" for Japanese art style, or "--v 5" for other styles.

Follow this prompt structure: "/imagine prompt: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [ar] [v]".

Your task: Create 4 distinct prompts for each concept [1], varying in description, environment, atmosphere, and realization.

- Write your prompts in [LANGUAGE].
- Do not describe unreal concepts as "real" or "photographic".
- Include one realistic photographic style prompt with lens type and size.
- Separate different prompts with two new lines.
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ChatGPT generate website code, both HTML, CSS and Javascript to enable something on my website or blog

See prompt for website code generation below. An example sentence could be: ‘Create an onpage animation for a web editor blog that can be pasted into a web page in WordPress’. Remember to modify [LANGUAGE], [WORKING TITLE], [TARGETGROUP] and [KEYWORDS].

Please ignore all previous instructions and prompts. All output please in English. Please create and show the full code of this assignment "[FORMULATE IN ONE SENTENCE AN ASSIGNMENT]" in HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Got a better ChatGPT website code generation prompt idea? Share yours for a chance to receive a credit if published.

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