How to write better ChatGPT prompts for writing SME articles

Are you keen on developing your own ChatGPT writing prompts?

Are you looking to generate custom writing prompts for your own purpose? No problem! As a bonus, you can use this standard prompt to extensively explore your writing topic. Read also the tips below for developing your own writing prompts. Learning how to prompt is super easy.

What is an example of a writing prompt?

If you’re wondering what a good and useful writing prompt is, you can start by using this example to explore your topic. If you’re not familiar with the topic, it’s even more important to check all of ChatGPT’s responses for accuracy. Here’s an example writing prompt:

See Q&A prompt for deskresearch below. Remember to modify [LANGUAGE], [WORKING TITLE], [TARGETGROUP] and [KEYWORDS].

I want you to act as an expert in the field of [FIELD]. You have all the information about anything to do with [SUBJECT]. I will ask you questions about different topics within [SUBJECT/FIELD], and you will provide me with clear, concise, and accurate information. Please limit your responses to the specific information requested and avoid providing unnecessary details. Let's begin with this question: [QUESTION1]
Got a better ChatGPT prompt idea? Share yours for a chance to receive a credit if published.

Use these awesome tips for creating effective prompts yourself:

Here are the best guidelines for writing prompts engineering as a concise good practice guide, with the following advice for beginners:

  • Craft your prompt instructions as specific as possible and ask for detailed elaboration.
  • Invent prompt commands that ChatGPT can execute, provide both context (Act as a…) and required information (title, keyword, url, text).
  • Too many commands sometimes causes a ChatGPT network error, in that case limit the output and refine the output with follow-up questions.
  • If you want to make your own prompt library, it’s important to test and reshape the prompt output many times in the prompt engineering process. You can make a prompt better by asking ChatGPT to shorten things, skip explanations, actions or punctuation marks.

You can give prompt engineering a try with the help of this online guide and the basic writing prompt provided in the section above.

Please keep in mind: ChatGPT suggests keywords for inspiration, but figures are far from accurate. Better try SE Ranking for reliable data, Canva Pro for text placement on Midjourney AI images, WordPress for publishing content, and Laposta for newsletters.

Transform your writing: try also these follow-up non-fiction prompts

As you continue to use ChatGPT to write non-fiction articles, you may discover that you can input new commands to enhance the output. The following are examples of follow-up prompts:

  • Keep the original text, but incorporate a viewpoint from a specific source, [URL], where key arguments can be found.
  • Keep the original text, but substitute the keyword ‘X’ with ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ with ‘A’. Please rewrite accordingly.
  • Rewrite the given sentence, beginning with the phrase ‘Awesome writing prompts for SMEs will’ and providing 10 examples. Use the following text:

See more:

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Hopefully you have enjoyed to try & modify these writing prompts for your own purpose

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